Red Bülk Urban Velomobile at Sunset

Bülk Urban



257 cm

Height without Hotspot

86 cm


70 cm

Height with Hotspot

96 cm


~24 kg

Turning Radius

9 m

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about this velomobile

The Urban combines the best of the highly popular Bülk MK1 with the innovations of the Bülk 4 More.  It offers easy maintenance access, small turning circle, ample ground clearance, and highly stable cornering due to the wider track width along with the same great handling in wind and at high speed as the Bülk MK1. It offers very good cargo capacity, and is ideal for urban settings, touring, commuting, and joy rides, particularly where the smaller turning circle may be advantageous. The aluminum subframe and rear swingarm also add minimal weight and are easy to repair at any competent welding shop. In addition, the Urban offers the same easy adjustment to a wide range of riders as the Bülk MK1. The Urban weighs in at a very light 55lbs and is comparable in drivetrain stiffness to the MK1 making it a good hill climber. The open wheel wells have shown to only impact speeds in the upper 20mph range and above.

The Urban is an ideal option for city and bike trail riding where the smaller turning circle will allow more maneuverability compared to velomobiles with closed wheel wells.  It is also an ideal option for touring, especially in hilly areas where the open wheel wells provide more cooling for the brakes on descents.  The additional ground clearance makes clearing obstacles a breeze. The Urban is available with all the same options, colors, and features as the Bülk MK1 and is my personal choice for long-distance touring.