Red Bülk MK1 at sunset



At Northland Velo our goal is for your velomobile experience to be great from day one. Your journey begins with a free consultation to help you find the velomobile that is right for you.  From there we discuss your options for test rides, or if you are comfortable with your selection, we can proceed directly to the order process.

We will walk you through the options available and help you customize the velomobile that is right for you. We will also help you with the shipping and import process and can arrange to have the velomobile set up in nearly ride-ready condition from the factory and shipped directly to you, or have it shipped to us where we can work together to get your velomobile dialed in perfectly. 

We are also ready to help you along the way with tips on improving your riding experience and technical support to help keep your velomobile running smoothly for years of riding pleasure.

North America

West Bloomington, Minnesota, USA