Green and white Bülk MK1 on a city street




Simply put, it’s a bicycle. A really, really, cool looking and efficient bicycle with great weather protection.  Like a recumbent trike, velomobiles typically have three wheels (except for one model that has four), and a reclined seating position. The reclined seating position and the smooth shell with very small frontal area allow the velomobile to quickly slip through the air. A well-designed velomobile on a good flat road can easily cruise at 25-30 or more miles per hour! In addition, the carbon fiber shell provides protection from rain, mutes the impact of headwinds, and keeps you warm in cold weather since your body heat is kept inside the shell and you don’t have the chilling effect of the cold winter wind.  In hot weather you can ride without the race hood and open the air intake in the nose to provide a comfortable cooling breeze.


The most comfortable and efficient form of transportation on the planet, a bicycle so aerodynamically efficient, that an average rider can maintain 25-30 mph on the flat!


The comfortable reclined position eliminates the riding discomfort and stress often found with traditional bikes providing you with all-day comfort. The full suspension provides a ride so smooth you’ll think you’re riding on a cloud.

Weather Protection

Not only does the aerodynamic shell help you smoothly cut through even the most brutal headwind, but it also provides excellent protection from rain, sun, and snow allowing you to cycle year-round.

Cargo Capacity

All velomobiles offer convenient cargo capacity allowing you to haul groceries, commute to work, and even go on camping trips. Because your cargo is housed inside the velomobile, it will stay protected from the elements and won’t reduce your riding speed.


It’s not every day you see a velomobile on the road. An 8.5 foot long brightly colored object the size of a refrigerator has a way of attracting attention. An excellent light system further draws the eye of all but the most distracted driver. The carbon fiber shell not only isolates you from the weather, but also provides a protective cocoon in the event of a collision. There are many other safety features such as padded headrests, crash zones front and rear, and specially designed seat attachment systems that help protect the rider.

Health benefits

Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise. With a velomobile you can take that to the next level. Thanks to the high aerodynamic efficiency, a velomobile makes a great car replacement. Rather than sitting in traffic during your commute, a velomobile can allow you to instead cycle in comfort to your destination.


    Bülk MK1 #165

    Ben at Northland Velo was incredibly helpful throughout my journey of selecting a velomobile. He patiently answered all of my questions, guiding me to the perfect choice. His expertise and friendly demeanor made the process smooth and enjoyable. I highly recommend Northland Velo, thanks to Ben’s exceptional customer service!