White and Blue Bülk 4 More Velomobile

Bülk 4 More



257 cm

Height without Hotspot

86 cm


70 cm

Height with Hotspot

96 cm


~30 kg

Turning Radius

9 m

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about this velomobile

Base price for first 30 orders: 5499.00 EUR

The goal of the 4 More is 90% of the fun at 60% of the price. The 4 More is an aerodynamically efficient design under 65 lbs. that is based off the highly popular Bülk MK1. While not as high-performing as the MK1, it still has the efficiency and drivetrain stiffness needed for enjoyable riding.

The 4 More is a good option for those looking for their first velomobile offering the stability of 3 wheels, weather protection, increased visibility and crash safety in traffic, cargo capacity, good handling in wind and at higher speeds, and driving pleasure. The 4 More is not intended as the ultimate performance machine, but rather a velomobile that is financially accessible, fun to drive, and easy to maintain. It is also suitable as a second velomobile for commuting and running errands or as an all-weather and more visible alternative to a recumbent trike. All in all, the 4 More has the best price per pound and mile of any velomobile on the market!

As an entry-level option, the 4 More has fewer options than other models offered by Velomobile World. Those options are as follows:

  • Vinyl wrapped in one of four color combinations: white/white, white/blue, white/red, and white/green
  • Basic electrical in HotSpot: B&M Cyo Premium headlight, rear running lights, blinkers, and horn – Included in base price
  • Crank length: 140, 150, or 155
  • Large chainring: 53, 56, or 60 tooth
  • Small chainring: 42, or 46 tooth – additional 250 EUR
  • Carbon fiber wheel covers: additional 75 EUR
  • Mirrors: Left/Right 12.50 EUR per mirror, or 3D printed L+R 62.50 EUR
  • Ventisit headrest: 18.75 EUR
  • Ventisit seat pad: 75.50 EUR
  • Venitisit floor mats: 33.61 EUR
  • Elbow rests: 31.25 EUR
  • Race hood: 504.20 EUR
  • Combi lid: included in base price
  • Windshield wiper: 56.25 EUR
  • Anti-fog windshield lens: 31.25 EUR
  • Rear cassette options: 11-32 included in price, 11-40 additional 50 EUR

All prices subject to change